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The Healing Center
The Healing Center is dedicated to the intervention and prevention of family violence and abuse. It has been serving people of diverse faiths, cultures and personal experiences since 2000 and has been a part of Bethlehem's ministries since 2008.

Bethlehem Lutheran Church Ministries
Bethlehem is an active part of the Bay Ridge community through a wide variety of programs and services. We have a hundred year tradition of service that is kept alive to this day through an involved and growing congregation.
Bay Ridge Center
Since 1976 the Bay Ridge Center's mission has remained unchanged: to improve the quality of life for the area's senior population, assist the needy and stabilize those most at risk in their homes and neighborhood.  The Bay Ridge Center, founded by Bethlehem, is now a 501(c)(3).

Lutheran Elementary School of Bay Ridge (LES)
Lutheran Elementary School of Bay Ridge has been a place of education, enlightenment, respect, caring and concern since 1957. We offer a high quality education to a multi-religious school population in a nurturing, yet challenging environment. Classes are for children from nursery through 8th grade.
Youth Groups
A growing part of our ministry is to address the special needs of our younger members. Our Sunday School children have a nurturing experience every Sunday, but as children grow older and more independent they enter a no less important stage in their development -- one that Bethlehem is addressing with age appropriate activities that maintain a growing child's interest in our community and help them grow into healthy adults.  

Sunday Service 10:30am
4th & Ovington Avenues
Brooklyn NY  11209
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Bethlehem Lutheran Church is proud to support Lutheran Counseling Center